Thanksgiving Concert & Christmas Card THIS SATURDAY!
Thanksgiving Concert & Christmas Card THIS SATURDAY!
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Lady Redneck


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What is the "Lady Redneck Country Club?"

It's a way for you to become a part of Lady Redneck's Musical Journey! "Lady Redneck Country Club" is an elite private group that lets you become a large part of country music history.

Many of you buy all product, crowdfund CD's, and share Lady Redneck's posts. For $97 a month, you can literally be a part of the journey. It includes:

* Lady Redneck Country Club Facebook and/or Instagram Group - whichever you prefer of both! This is ONLY for those who are part of THIS specific Subscription group.

* A surprise box each month with a new CD, DVD, merchandise, a poster, or whatever is new on the website for the month. Everything will be signed and you'l receive a handwritten note inside as well.

* You'll receive a T-shirt upon signing up.

* You'll have access and be able to send messages on Messenger or Instagram.

* You'll be able to help with the songwriting for her CD's!

* You'll get a Christmas Card

* Birthday Card

* Personalized Cameo each month sent to your email or Facebook!